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s c estável em classe NYHA II até ao 10.◦ mês de seguimento após internamento, tendo posteriormente abandonado a consulta. Os pseudoaneurismas são uma complicação grave do enfarte do miocárdio, podendo, contudo, desenvolver-se de forma assintomática e ser documentados de forma fortuita em doentes com eventos subclínicos prévios. As imagens apresentadas são(More)
A. VARGAS, I. SÁ NCHEZ, F. MARTÍNEZ, A. RIVAS, J. A. GODOY, E. ROLDÁ N, M. A. SIMÓ N, R. SERRA, MJ. PÉ REZ, C. ENSEÑ AT, M. DELIBES, M. AYMERICH, A. SLIWA & U. BREITENMOSER Centro de Crı́a de Lince Ibérico El Acebuche, Parque Nacional de Doñ ana, Huelva, Spain, Zoobotá nico de Jerez, Cá diz, Spain, Doñ ana Biological Station, CSIC, Sevilla, Spain, National(More)
INTRODUCTION The aim of this study was to assess the features of acute coronary syndrome (ACS) in patients younger than 46 years of age. METHODS This was a retrospective study of clinical features, complications and diagnostic and therapeutic strategies of patients hospitalized between 1999 and 2007 with a diagnosis of ACS in a non-tertiary hospital. Data(More)
Software for young children requires specific attention to a variety of details that range from the used metaphors, interaction modalities and even used language. These aspects gain further relevance when creating software for critical activities such as fear therapy, requiring specific approaches during the design process right from the start. This paper(More)
Social competency training, as part of psychotherapy, for children and teenagers, requires them to engage on outdoor activities in which they have to complete tasks such as talking to someone or visiting a specific place. Currently, the inability for therapists to monitor their patients, to promote collaborative efforts and to reinforce positive attitudes(More)
The promotion of socio-emotional skills in educational contexts is highly beneficial to individuals' global adjustment and development. Evaluation research suggests that interventions for the promotion of socio-emotional skills are effective. However, most of this work has been carried out in the USA and there is now a pressing need to evaluate(More)
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  • 1989
The author critically examines research on abandoned children in Portugal during the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. Sources of data and methods of analysis are described and evaluated, and the possibility of using automatic data processing in such investigations is considered.