Isabel Padilla

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We have designed an innovative construct (pX6-DAO1) combining the chemical inducible Cre-LoxP system and the conditional selectable marker gene dao1 to obtain marker-free transgenic tobacco plants. Nicotiana tabaccum transgenic lines were regenerated on medium with 6 mM d-alanine. The DNA site-specific recombination was controlled by the inducer(More)
Cultivated asparagus (Asparagus officinalis L.) is an economically important plant worldwide. “Morado de Huetor” is a Spanish autochthonous landrace characterized by their longevity, organoleptic characteristics, differential biocompound content and high heterozygosity, resulting in heterogeneous plantations with limited productivity. Consequently, this(More)
As a first step to the establishment of an in vitro conservation protocol for apricot and neem, the effect of several growth retardants on the sprouting and development from nodal buds of both species and meristem development at the histological level was evaluated. Nodal section bud sprouting was affected by growth retardants, ranged from 4 to 100 % in(More)
Plum pox virus (PPV), a quarantine virus, is the causal agent of sharka, the most devastating viral disease of stone fruits. The aim of this study was to produce several transgenic plum lines resistant to PPV, set up an efficient and reliable in vitro PPV resistant test and compare it with the standard greenhouse evaluation. Transgenic plants with the(More)
The aim of this paper is to evaluate the feasibility of obtaining alumina from boehmite using a free, clean, and unlimited power source as the solar energy. Boehmite was obtained by hydrothermal treatment of a hazardous waste coming from aluminum slag milling. The waste is considered as a hazardous substance because of it releasing toxic gases (hydrogen,(More)
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