Isabel P. Smith

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The squat lobster Munida rugosa has an unusual chela dimorphism exhibited mainly by large males. Some individuals have 'arched' chelae in which there is a gap between the dactylus and the pollex when closed, and others have a 'straight' morphology in which the dactylus and pollex oppose along most of their length. Geometric morphometric analysis indicated(More)
The authors developed baseline data on specialty selection and success in obtaining residency positions for the medical school graduates of 1987 who participated in the National Resident Matching Program (NRMP), compared by gender and race-ethnicity. They focused on primary care specialties and obstetrics-gynecology versus all other specialties, and sought(More)
A bioenergetic model of marine phase, wild Atlantic salmon was constructed to investigate the potential effects on post-smolt growth of predicted changes in oceanic conditions. Short-term estimates of growth in weight were similar to measurements in captivity and simulated growth varied with water temperature and swimming speed as expected. Longer-term(More)
Native oysters (Ostrea edulis) historically supported valuable fisheries in Scotland, but are now absent from areas of former abundance on the east coast and occur mainly in isolated populations in west coast sea lochs. The main contemporary threat is from unauthorized gathering. In most places, the exclusive right to gather is retained by the Crown, as a(More)
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