Isabel Odriozola-Serrano

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The effect of pulsed electric fields (PEF) on the carotenoid content of tomato juices was studied. First, moderate-intensity PEF (MIPEF) was applied to raw tomatoes. Afterwards, MIPEF-treated and(More)
A metabolite profiling approach was used to study the effect of moderate-intensity pulsed electric field (MIPEF) treatments on the individual polyphenol and carotenoid contents of tomato fruit after(More)
A kinetic study of anthocyanins, vitamin C, and antioxidant capacity was carried out in strawberry juice treated with high-intensity pulsed electric fields. Samples were subjected to electric field(More)
The effects of high-intensity pulsed electric field (HIPEF) treatment variables (frequency, pulse width, and pulse polarity) on the lycopene, vitamin C, and antioxidant capacities of tomato juice(More)
The effect of moderate intensity pulsed electric fields (MIPEF) on the bioactive compounds (total polyphenol, lycopene, and vitamin C content) as well as on the antioxidant capacity of tomato fruit(More)