Isabel Nunes

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Although sophisticated languages have been proposed for defining algebraic specifications, the relationships with OO implementations that have been established so far are restricted to very simple cases. Key aspects at the specification side s.a. genericity and subsorting are not covered, although they have obvious counterparts in OO programming that are(More)
We present and evaluate an approach for the run-time conformance checking of Java classes against property-driven algebraic specifications. Our proposal consists in determining, at run-time, whether the classes subject to analysis behave as required by the specification. The key idea is to reduce the conformance checking problem to the runtime monitoring of(More)
Repairing an inconsistent knowledge base is a well known problem for which several solutions have been proposed and implemented in the past. In this paper, we start by looking at databases with active integrity constraints - consistency requirements that also indicate how the database should be updated when they are not met - as introduced by Caroprese et(More)
Design by contract, as introduced by B.Meyer, is of increasing importance to the OO community in the specification, reuse, and monitoring of classes. We strongly feel that class libraries of all programming languages should be equipped with contracts, insofar as these constitute a powerful and simple interface definition. Very powerful and expressive(More)
The combination of rules and ontologies has been a fertile topic of research in the last years, with the proposal of several different systems that achieve this goal. In this paper, we look at two of these formalisms, Mdl-programs and multi-context systems, which address different aspects of this combination, and include different, incomparable programming(More)
We present an approach for testing Java implementations of abstract data types (ADTs) against their specifications. The key idea is to reduce this problem to the run-time monitoring of contract annotated classes, which is supported today by several runtime assertion-checking tools. The approach comprises an ADT specification language that allows automatic(More)
Multi-context systems (MCSs) are an important framework for heterogeneous combinations of systems within the Semantic Web. In this paper, we propose generic constructions to achieve specific forms of interaction in a principled way, and systematize some useful techniques to work with ontologies within an MCS. All these mechanisms are presented in the form(More)
Integrity constraints in databases have been studied extensively since the 1980s, and they are considered essential to guarantee database integrity. In recent years, several authors have studied how the same notion can be adapted to reasoning frameworks, in such a way that they achieve the purpose of guaranteeing a system’s consistency, but are kept(More)