Isabel Maria Teixeira Bicudo Pereira

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INTRODUCTION schools of Public Health, by their nature, have increased responsibility in the development of health promotion programs, focusing on tobacco control. The participation of groups of health professionals in educational actions helps to convey information about smoking to the population. OBJECTIVE to evaluate the prevalence of smoking and the(More)
The objective of the review was to emphasize the need for educational efforts aiming at the empowerment of slaughterhouse workers based on their major work-related conditions. Slaughterhouse work involves stressful and tiring tasks. These workers suffer from serious occupational injuries and health problems including musculoskeletal disorders, zoonoses,(More)
A study was carried out into alimentary taboos in two localities (São Félix and Murumuru) in the county of Marabá, State of Pará, Brazil. Ninety families were studied in São Félix and thirty-five in Murumuru. As regards the feeding taboos found, the most frequent was that prohibiting the simultaneous ingestion of milk and various types of fruit, including(More)
The responsibilities, competencies and subcompetencies of the Health Education Specialists of the State Health Department of S. Paulo are assessed in this study with a view to verifying the agreement, or otherwise, between the proposals for the technical activity of these health professionals in Brazil and in the United States. With this end in view the(More)
General health conditions as well as quality of life must urgently be improved in developing countries. This improvement could be achieved, at least in part, by the practice of citizenship. Education exerts a special role in citizenship development. In this regard, teachers in school are of great importance, since they influence and inspire the students(More)
Objective: To compare variables related to sexual functioning, namely: sexual desire, arousal, orgasm, pain, sexual satisfaction and sexual function in women during the pregnancy and 3 months after delivery. Methods: This is an exploratory and descriptive, quantitative study. A nonprobability, convenience sample of 62 women in the first stage, and of 52(More)
The results of a research project carried out along with head-physicians of the Municipal Health Services (PAMs) of the city of S. Paulo in order to survey their knowledge, expectations and willingness to participate in and incentivate educational programs in the various PAMs, are reported on. An open-ended questionnaire was answered by 88.6% of the(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate aspects of teachers' quality of life and describe associated factors to their vocal health. METHODS A sample comprising 128 high school teachers from four state schools in the city of Rio Claro, Southeastern Brazil, was studied in 2002. The World Health Organization Quality of Life/bref and Voice-Related Quality of Life(More)
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