Isabel M S Lampreia

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An innovative approach is presented to interpret the refractive index of binary liquid mixtures. The concept of refractive index "before mixing" is introduced and shown to be given by the volume-fraction mixing rule of the pure-component refractive indices (Arago-Biot formula). The refractive index of thermodynamically ideal liquid mixtures is demonstrated(More)
New fluctuation-related properties are introduced based on the link between the mean-squared fluctuation of the volume and the isothermal compressibility of binary liquid mixtures by applying the methods of chemical thermodynamics. Some weaknesses have been pointed out in previous similar attempts by other authors. A different result is obtained when(More)
Second order phase transitions corresponding to discontinuities in the plots of Kirkwood-Buff integrals as a function of composition were observed in aqueous mixtures of the amphiphilic molecule, 1-propoxypropan-2-ol, revealing the formation of hydrophobic aggregates and generating microheterogeneities over a limited range of compositions. Electrospray mass(More)
A comprehensive formalism is developed to treat thermodynamically speed of ultrasound data for solutions and liquid mixtures. For solutions, the apparent speed of ultrasound of a solute is introduced and proposed to take the place of empirically defined quantities. The partial speed of ultrasound of a solute is defined and related to the partial molar(More)
Limiting dipole moments of four isomeric alkoxyalcohols dissolved in cyclohexane at 298.15 K were determined from measurements of the relative permittivity of at least 17 dilute solutions up to solute mole fraction of 0.03. In addition, 5 to 7 data points were obtained up to a mole fraction of 0.1. A stepwise dilution device ensured dielectric measurements(More)
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