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ANALYSIS OF ADOPTION AND PRODUCTION OF ORANGE-FLESHED SWEETPOTATOES: THE CASE STUDY OF GAZA PROVINCE IN MOZAMBIQUE By FELICIANO M. MAZUZE Vitamin A Deficiency is a major threat to women and children’s health in Mozambique. In 2000, the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development launched a program to multiply and widely distribute vines of orange-fleshed(More)
The evaluation of changes in Intervertebral Discs (IVDs) with 3D Magnetic Resonance (MR) Imaging (MRI) can be of interest for many clinical applications. This paper presents the evaluation of both IVD localization and IVD segmentation methods submitted to the Automatic 3D MRI IVD Localization and Segmentation challenge, held at the 2015 International(More)
The poverty rate amongst older Portuguese adults has decreased significantly in recent years as their incomes have increased and their levels of inequality and material deprivation have converged to the national average. This paper investigates whether this improved situation is homogeneous across this population group, but concludes that poverty pockets(More)
Which topics of machine learning are most commonly addressed in research? This question was initially answered in 2007 by doing a qualitative survey among distinguished researchers. In our study, we revisit this question from a quantitative perspective. Concretely, we collect 54K abstracts of papers published between 2007 and 2016 in leading machine(More)
We describe a case of coeliac disease that was diagnosed in the psychiatry inpatient unit of a general hospital. The patient was admitted due to suicidal behaviours and developed an agitated catatonic state while in the inpatient psychiatry unit. An extensive diagnostic study allowed for the diagnosis of coeliac disease and while her state was unresponsive(More)
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