Isabel Lladó

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BACKGROUND/AIMS Mitochondrial biogenesis includes both mitochondrial proliferation and differentiation and its regulation under different physiological conditions is not clear. Given the sexual dimorphism previously found in mitochondrial function, the aim of this study was to investigate the gender-dependent effect of chronic high-fat-diet (HFD) feeding on(More)
Muscle resistance to insulin plays a key role in the metabolic dysregulation associated to obesity. A pro-inflammatory and pro-oxidant status has been proposed to be the link between dietary obesity and insulin resistance. Given the gender differences previously found in mitochondrial function and oxidative stress, the aim of the present study was to(More)
The present study was performed to analyze in detail gender- and site-related alterations in the adrenergic signal transduction pathway of lipolysis in fat cells isolated from subcutaneous abdominal and visceral fat depots from severely obese patients. The study group consisted of 30 morbidly obese subjects (9 men and 21 women) aged 41.1+/-1.9 years, with a(More)
Gender- and site-related differences in the lipolytic capacity, at the different steps of the adrenergic pathway, in gonadal and inguinal white adipose tissue (WAT), were assessed by studying α2A-adrenergic receptor (AR), β3-AR and hormone-sensitive lipase (HSL) protein levels, and by determining the lipolytic response to different agents. Gonadal WAT(More)
The aim of this study was to identify candidate genes for visceral obesity by screening for genes strongly differentially expressed between human subcutaneous and visceral adipose depots. A cDNA microarray with human adipose-derived cDNAs was used as an initial screening to identify genes that are potentially differentially expressed between human(More)
Aging is associated with a progressive decline of skeletal muscle function and insulin sensitivity. Sex differences in the insulin response to different physiological situations have been found, leading to the development of type 2 diabetes. The aim of this study was to investigate the changes in insulin sensitivity with age in male and female rats and to(More)
Sexual dimorphism has been found in mitochondrial features of skeletal muscle, with female rats showing greater mitochondrial mass and function compared with males. Adiponectin is an insulin-sensitizing adipokine whose expression has been related to mitochondrial function and that is also expressed in skeletal muscle, where it exerts local metabolic(More)
Sexual dimorphism has been found in both mitochondrial functionality and adiponectin expression in white adipose tissue, with female rats presenting more functional mitochondria than males and greater adiponectin expression. However, little is known about the role of sex hormones in this dimorphism. The aim was to elucidate the role of sex hormones in(More)
OBJECTIVE To evaluate the influence of the pro-oxidant and proinflammatory state related to dietary obesity on serum paraoxonase 1 (PON1) activity in male and female rats. METHODS AND PROCEDURES Adult Wistar rats of both genders were fed on a high-fat diet to induce weight gain or standard diet for 14 weeks. Body weight was assessed weekly and food intake(More)
The aim of the present work was to study the effects of various durations of fasting (12, 24 and 72 hours) on brown adipose tissue (BAT) thermogenic parameters--cytrochrome-c-oxidase (COX) activity, GDP-binding activity and uncoupling protein (UCP1) content--and also on morphological features of different mitochondrial subpopulations, obtained by(More)