Isabel Kishi

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Evidence supports the involvement of nitric oxide (NO) in ovarian physiology. The present study was undertaken to investigate the role of the NO/NO synthase (NOS) systems in ovulation, oocyte maturation, ovarian steroidogenesis, and PG production using in vitro perfused rabbit ovaries. The addition of the NOS inhibitors, aminoguanidine hemisulfate salt (AG)(More)
The effects of L-type calcium channel antagonists and omega-conotoxin on the contractile responses of guinea pig vas deferens were examined in vitro. Electrical stimulation of the postganglionic hypogastric nerve induced biphasic contraction consisting of rapid phasic and delayed tonic components. L-type calcium channel antagonists, such as diltiazem,(More)
Stimulation of the hypogastric nerve to the guinea pig vas deferens induced biphasic contraction consisting of a rapid transient phase (mediated by ATP) and a delayed tonic phase (mediated by norepinephrine, NE), whereas stimulations in the presence of selective antagonists caused each contractile phase separately. Stimulation in the absence of antagonist(More)
Recruitment and retention of women has been a persistent problem in the field of computer science. With a growing number of jobs that require a computer science degree, this problem does not only affect computer science departments with low enrollment, but also impacts industry. There is still no universally accepted explanation for the underrepresentation(More)
The effect of prostaglandin E2 (PGE2) on the contractile response of the guinea pig vas deferens was examined. Postganglionic hypogastric nerve stimulation for 7 sec at 20 Hz induced a biphasic contractile response, consisting of fast phasic and delayed tonic components. Prostaglandin E2 delayed the onset and increased the maximum contractile responses.(More)
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