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A morphological phylogeny for four families of amblyceran lice (Phthiraptera: Amblycera: Menoponidae, Boopiidae, Laemobothriidae, Ricinidae)
This study is the first phylogeny presented solely for amblyceran genera, and strong support was found for deep branch relationships between the families and in some cases for supra-generic groupings within families.
Congruence and cospeciation: morphological and molecular phylogenetics of the Amblycera (Phthiraptera)
This study, based on an extensive comparison of adult morphology and a rigorous cladistic analysis, considers generic exemplars from 4 families of amblyceran lice (Menoponidae, Boopiidae, Laemobothriidae and Ricinidae).
The Systematics Association
The present study deals with the comparison of molecular evolutionary rates in the intimate aquatic tetrapods / Polystomatidae association and suggests that parasites evolve faster than their hosts and / or that COX1 is subjected to strong selective constraints in anurans.