Isabel Hidalgo

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Polycomb group (PcG) proteins are key epigenetic regulators of hematopietic stem cell (HSC) fate. The PcG members Ezh2 and Ezh1 are important determinants of embryonic stem cell identity, and the transcript levels of these histone methyltransferases are inversely correlated during development. However, the role of Ezh1 in somatic stem cells is largely(More)
BACKGROUND Septic arthritis is associated with residual dysfunction in 10 to 25% of affected children. Concentrations of cytokines detected in synovial fluid of children with bacterial arthritis correlate with the severity of inflammation. Treatment with dexamethasone decreased cartilage degradation in experimental Haemophilus influenzae b and(More)
The self-renewal capacity of stem cells is crucial for the homeostatic maintenance of adult tissues, in which they mediate the continuous replacement of differentiated cells, and is the focus of attempts to design patient-specific therapies. The Polycomb group proteins are key global epigenetic regulators of stem-cell fate decisions. The Polycomb family(More)
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