Isabel Heinrich

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We conducted a study of the prevalence and clinical characteristics of aquagenic pruritus (AP) in 996 employees at a general hospital. Forty-five of them claimed that they had AP, thus giving a reported prevalence of 4.5%; 12 were excluded for various reasons and a detailed workup was carried out in 33 people. In more than 75% of the cases AP had started(More)
To promote health-conscious behavior in the aging society and gain insight into the sources of knowledge on which preventive strategies are based, analyzing the behavior of elderly people who are recognized as highly health conscious may be useful. We focused on the use of Ginkgo biloba, which is commonly considered to be effective in preventing cognitive(More)
Report on a case with extreme swelling of the upper- and lowerlids, which recurred repeatedly for thirteen years, with unsettled etiology and which did not respond to every conservative therapy. Surgical excision and biopsy showed histological changes similar Melkersson-Rosenthal-syndrome. But it must have been an abortive form, as other symptoms, were(More)