Isabel Harb Manssour

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The main goal of the ARLIST project is to qualify the traditional training environment currently used for Life Support training, introducing image and sound resources into the training manikins. Using these tools we can simulate some aspects such as facial expressions, skin color changes and scratches and skin injuries through image projection over the(More)
With the evolution of medical image acquisition techniques, the capacity and fidelity of image-based diagnosis were extended. The current trend is to acquire information using multiple sources to help medical diagnosis, but the integration of the multivariate data into a single 3-D representation is non-trivial. Techniques for the visualization of(More)
One of the most popular social networking sites in Brazil is Twitter, which is used by one in five people who have internet at home. Based on that, we investigated how information visualization techniques can improve the analysis of the behavior of Twitter users’. These studies were done through a set of standard visualization techniques implemented in an(More)
Marketing flyers, greeting cards, brochures and similar materials are expensive to produce, since these documents need to be personalized and typically require a graphic design professional to create. Either authoring tools are too complex to use or a predefined set of fixed templates is available, which can be restrictive and difficult to produce the(More)
This paper introduces two methods for measuring the alignment of items on a page with respect to its left/right margins. The methods are based on the path followed by the eyes as they follow the items from top to bottom of the page. Examples are presented and both methods are analyzed with respect to the axioms presented in [2], that describe how good(More)
Printing web pages is usually a thankless task as the result is often a document with many badly-used pages and poor layout. Besides the actual content, superfluous web elements like menus and links are often present and in a printed version they are commonly perceived as an annoyance. Therefore, a solution for obtaining cleaner versions for printing is to(More)