Isabel Hörnig-Franz

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UNLABELLED This study was carried out to assess the feasibility of late cord clamping of 45 s in preterm infants delivered mainly by caesarean section and the effects on postpartal adaptation and anaemia of prematurity. Prior to delivery, 40 infants of < 33 gestational weeks were randomised to either 20 s or 45 s of late cord clamping. After the first(More)
OBJECTIVE For parents, the premature birth of a child represents a traumatic event for which they are poorly prepared. To date, the focus of scientific interest has been on maternal psychological stress responses, such as anxiety and depression, or on appropriate coping mechanisms, whereas only scant attention has been paid to the traumatic aspect of the(More)
Six hundred sixty-seven children under age 16 were enrolled in 4 consecutive studies in West Germany between 1978 and 1990. These trials were mainly designed to reduce the long-term sequelae of high dose extended-field irradiation as well as the late effects of chemotherapy, in the context of combined modality treatment for all stages. Treatment concepts(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE A systematic procedure for up-front centralized data review and the set-up of individualized treatment proposals was integrated prospectively into the German-Austrian multicenter trial DAL-HD-90 for pediatric Hodgkin's disease (HD) in order to introduce local radiotherapy according to the individual patient's spread of disease within(More)
We present three cases of Raine syndrome occurring in siblings of consanguineous parents. Raine syndrome is characterised by generalised osteosclerosis with craniofacial anomalies and intracranial calcifications. So far, only nine cases have been reported, and no evaluation of the distribution and extent of the cerebral mineralisations, as well as their(More)
UNLABELLED 356 children below 16 yrs of age with CS/PS IA, IB, and IIA were treated in the studies HD-78, HD-82, HD-85, HD-87, and OEPA-pilot 87 between June 1978 and Sept 1990. All patients received combined modality treatment (CMT) with 2 courses of chemotherapy (CT). In HD-78 and HD-82, the MOPP-derived drug combination OPPA (ADR instead of(More)
UNLABELLED The main objective of the multicenter study DAL-HD-87 was to evaluate for the involved-field irradiation a dose reduction by 5 Gy compared with the precursor studies HD-82 and HD-85. Moreover, the decisional strategy for selective laparotomy developed on the basis of retrospective analyses in study HD-82 was to be tested in a prospective design.(More)
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