Isabel G M Richter

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Three different tests on houseflies (Musca domestica L.) revealed that both pheromone-free pseudoflies and male partner flies exhibit in the presence of mixtures of long-chain (Z)-9-alkenes or pure (Z)-9-tricosene enhanced releasing effects for two optical cues, which stimulate male houseflies to mating strikes and houseflies of both sexes to aggregation.
A belief in human dominance over nature lies at the heart of current environmental problems. In this article, we extend the theoretical scope of social dominance theory by arguing that social dominance orientation (SDO) is an important variable in understanding person-environment relations. We argue that individuals high in SDO are more willing to exploit(More)
The labeling of biomolecules has become standard practice in molecular biosciences. Modifications are used for detection, sorting and isolation of small molecules, complexes and entire cells. We have recently reported a method for introducing internal chemical and structural modifications into kbp-sized DNA target substrates that are frequently used in(More)
Nutritional factors such as casein hydrolysates and long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids have been proposed to exert beneficial metabolic effects. We aimed to investigate how a casein hydrolysate (eCH) and long chain polyunsaturated fatty acids could affect human primary adipocyte function in vitro. Incubation conditions with the different nutritional(More)
This paper discusses conceptual confusions of sustainable seafood consumption, practical challenges, and potential anchors from where this behaviour can be fostered. The main focus lies on psychological variables. The resulting framework comprises (1) a definition of sustainable seafood consumption, (2) suggestions for corresponding behaviours, (3) the(More)
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