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BACKGROUND AND OBJECTIVES The management of psychological and behavioural symptoms associated with dementia frequently requires the use of neuroleptic drugs. The objective of this study was to determine the prevalence, characteristics and possible differential factors of people aged > or = 65 years with dementia who take or not neuroleptic drugs. The(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate comorbidity and clinical features in elderly patients with dementia to determine differences according to dementia severity. DESIGN Observational study with medical record review. SETTING Eight hospitals in the Barcelona area. PARTICIPANTS 515 consecutive admissions aged > 64 years with dementia, 89.1% of whom lived in the(More)
AIMS To determine the factors associated with receiving specific treatment (cholinesterase inhibitors or/and memantine) for Alzheimer disease (AD) in elderly patients. METHODS An observational study carried out in 289 consecutive outpatients aged >64 years with dementia. We collected data on specific AD therapy, sociodemographic variables, Barthel Index(More)
We studied the influence of PON1 on metabolic alterations induced by oxidized LDL when incubated with endothelial cells. HUVEC cells were incubated with native LDL, oxidized LDL, oxidized LDL plus HDL from wild type mice, and oxidized LDL plus HDL from PON1-deficient mice. Results showed alterations in carbohydrate and phospholipid metabolism and increased(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the relationships among body weight, body fat, and dynamic strength and muscular endurance during different phases of the menstrual cycle. Twenty-one female subjects, ages 18-36, with normal menstrual cycles and no dysfunction were tested for strength and endurance of the knee flexors and extensors on a Cybex II(More)
The purpose of this article was to investigate the effects of three different phases of the menstrual cycle on dynamic strength and work performance of the knee flexors and extensors. Twenty-one women (18-36 years of age) were tested for dynamic strength and endurance on a Cybex II isokinetic dynamometer at speeds of 60, 180, and 240 degrees /sec. Each(More)
Thirty women were interviewed and divided into active and sedentary groups. Pre-delivery data, information regarding labor and delivery, Apgar scores of the newborn and perceived exertion during labor were recorded and statistically analyzed. Neonates of active women showed slightly higher one-minute Apgars and no difference in fetal weight or five-minute(More)
BACKGROUND Prevalence of dementia in elderly patients is high. The goal of the study was to assess some aspects of comorbidity in the patients with dementia. We also analyzed comorbidity differences according to age and gender. PATIENTS AND METHODS A total of 311 patients older than 64 years old with dementia were prospectively evaluated. Data were(More)