Isabel Feuerstein

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BACKGROUND After the addition of the protease inhibitor indinavir to combination drug regimens for HIV-1 infection, some patients have experienced an increase in abdominal girth with symptoms of abdominal fullness, distension, or bloating. We aimed to find out whether this collection of symptoms was associated with changes in abdominal fat and whether such(More)
Rapid recovery of CD4+ T cells after intensive chemotherapy is limited by an age-dependent decline in thymopoiesis. Here we sought to determine whether similar limitations exist for CD8+ T-cell regeneration. After intensive chemotherapy, CD8+ T cells had a faster effective doubling time than CD4+ T cells (median, 12.6 v 28.2 days, P < .05). Accordingly, at(More)
Ultrafast computed tomography (CT) is a new method for detecting calcific lesions in the coronary arteries. The ability of CT to detect and quantify coronary artery atherosclerosis in children and young adults at risk for malignant atherogenesis was evaluated. A total of 11 consecutive familial hypercholesterolemic (FH) homozygotes (3 to 37 years old)(More)
Regulatory approval for a biosimilar product is provided on the basis of its comparability to an originator product. A thorough physicochemical and functional comparability exercise is a key element in demonstrating biosimilarity. Here we report the characterization of a proposed biosimilar rituximab (GP2013) and originator rituximab. To compare GP2013 with(More)
We investigated whether paclitaxel was active in AIDS-associated Kaposi's sarcoma. We gave 135 mg/m2 intravenously over 3 hours every 21 days. Follow-up is available on the first 20 patients, most of whom had advanced Kaposi's sarcoma and severe immunocompromise. Neutropenia was the most frequent dose-limiting toxic effect; novel toxic effects included late(More)
BACKGROUND In homozygous familial hypercholesterolemia (HFH), the aortic root is prone to develop atherosclerotic plaque at an early age. However, the aortic wall and plaque have not yet been assessed in this condition by MRI. We evaluated the aortic root by use of MRI in 17 HFH patients and 12 normal control subjects in a prospective, blinded, controlled(More)
Epidemiological studies have established that concentrations of plasma high-density lipoproteins (HDL) are inversely associated with premature atherosclerosis, but the physiological basis of this relationship remains unknown. We investigated 5 probands with very low plasma HDL. None had clinical or biochemical findings typical of the known genetic disorders(More)
OBJECTIVE Morphing is an image processing technology that transforms one image into another by generating a series of intermediate synthetic images. The ability to perform morphing, once restricted to high-end graphics workstations, is now widely available for desktop computers. We investigated the potential use of morphing for displaying radiographic(More)
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