Isabel Ehrlich

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1. The inhibitory neurotransmitter glycine can elicit depolarizing responses in immature neurones. We investigated the changes in glycine responses and their ionic mechanism in developing neurones of the rat lateral superior olive (LSO), an auditory brainstem nucleus involved in sound localization. 2. Whole-cell and gramicidin perforated-patch recordings(More)
We investigated whether glycinergic transmission develops organotypically in auditory brain stem cultures. Slices of the medial nucleus of the trapezoid body and the lateral superior olive were incubated in medium with a raised extracellular K+ concentration. As in vivo, glycine receptor alpha1 subunit immunoreactivity increased and became clustered on(More)
In vitro models have frequently been employed to investigate the specificity of the formation of axonal projections during both development and regeneration. Such studies demonstrated pathway, target, and laminar specificity, yet they did not tackle the problem of topography. Here, we addressed the issue of regeneration of spatial specificity at the(More)