Isabel Dorado Liñán

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Tree-ring chronologies of Pinus sylvestris L. from latitudinal and altitudinal limits of the species distribution have been widely used for climate reconstructions, but there are many sites within the temperate climate zone, as is the case in northeastern Germany, at which there is little evidence of a clear climate signal in the chronologies. In this(More)
Aging in trees implies a progressive reduction in the growth rate, related to a shortening of the growing period and changes in the photosynthetic capability and efficiency. These changes may continue during the old-growth life stages following the juvenile phase and are reflected in tree-ring properties such as growth increment, density or stable isotopes.(More)
In the eastern Mediterranean in general and in Turkey in particular, temperature reconstructions based on tree rings have not been achieved so far. Furthermore, centennial-long chronologies of stable isotopes are generally also missing. Recent studies have identified the tree species Juniperus excelsa as one of the most promising tree species in Turkey for(More)
Past temperature variations are usually inferred from proxy data or estimated using general circulation models. Comparisons between climate estimations derived from proxy records and from model simulations help to better understand mechanisms driving climate variations, and also offer the possibility to identify deficiencies in both approaches. This paper(More)
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