Isabel Correia

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We find that in a sample of emerging economies business cycles are more volatile than in developed ones, real interest rates are countercyclical and lead the cycle, consumption is more volatile than output and net exports are strongly countercyclical. We present a model of a small open economy, where the real interest rate is decomposed in an international(More)
The idea that a common monetary policy in a monetary union imposes costs when compared with independent policies at the country level is largely widespread in the literature. This result leads directly to a greater emphasis on national Þscal policies. We show in this paper that a common monetary policy has more power to asymmetrically affect countries than(More)
In this paper, we derive principles of optimal cyclical monetary policy in an economy without capital, with a cash-in-advance restriction on household transactions, and monopolistic firms that set prices one period in advance. The only distortionary policy instruments are the nominal interest rate and the money supply. In this environment it is feasible to(More)
The copyright to this Article is held by the Econometric Society. It may be downloaded, printed and reproduced only for educational or research purposes, including use in course packs. No downloading or copying may be done for any commercial purpose without the explicit permission of the Econometric Society. For such commercial purposes contact the Office(More)
On the Relevance of Exchange Rate Regimes for Stabilization Policy This paper assesses the relevance of the exchange rate regime for stabilization policy. This regime question cannot be dealt with independently of other institutions, in particular how fiscal policy is designed. We show that once fiscal policy is taken into account, the exchange rate regime(More)
In this paper, we analyze the implications of price setting restrictions for the conduct of cyclical fiscal and monetary policy. We consider standard monetary economies that differ in the price setting restrictions imposed on the firms. We show that independently of the degree or type of price stickiness it is possible to implement the same efficient set of(More)
When the zero lower bound on nominal interest rates binds, monetary policy cannot provide appropriate stimulus. We show that in the standard New Keynesian model, tax policy can deliver such stimulus at no cost and in a time-consistent manner. There is no need to use ine¢ cient policies such as wasteful public spending or future commitments to in‡ate. We(More)
The paper explores the macroeconomic consequences of fiscal consolidations whose timing and composition are uncertain. Drawing on the evidence in Alesina and Ardagna (2010), we emphasize whether or not the fiscal consolidation is driven by tax rises or expenditure cuts. We find that the composition of the fiscal consolidation, its duration, the monetary(More)
An in vitro protein digestion study, using pepsin, was carried out in uncooked and cooked sorghum and maize flour samples. The digestibility values from the uncooked samples showed that sorghum presents digestibility values similar to those of maize. In the case of the cooked samples, it was found that a wet cooking procedure promotes a decrease in sorghum(More)
Targeting of most newly synthesised peroxisomal matrix proteins to the organelle requires Pex5p, the so-called PTS1 receptor. According to current models of peroxisomal biogenesis, Pex5p interacts with these proteins in the cytosol, transports them to the peroxisomal membrane and catalyses their translocation across the membrane. Presently, our knowledge on(More)