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Anterior/Posterior Competitive Deactivation/Activation Dichotomy in the Human Hippocampus as Revealed by a 3D Navigation Task
Anterior/posterior long axis specialization is thought to underlie the organization of the hippocampus. However it remains unclear whether antagonistic mechanisms differentially modulate processingExpand
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The role of the insula in intuitive expert bug detection in computer code: an fMRI study
Software programming is a complex and relatively recent human activity, involving the integration of mathematical, recursive thinking and language processing. The neural correlates of this recentExpand
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The Use of Repetitive Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation for Stroke Rehabilitation: A Systematic Review.
OBJECTIVES Stroke is a leading cause of disability. Alternative and more effective techniques for stroke rehabilitation have been sought to overcome limitations of conventional therapies. RepetitiveExpand
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Seven new species of Trichodorus (Diphtherophorina, Trichodoridae) from Spain, an apparent centre of speciation
During a survey for Trichodoridae in cultivated and natural environments, mainly from southern Spain, 7 new Trichodorus species were found. Four of them, T. andalusicus n. sp., T. asturanus n. sp.,Expand
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Tribal love: the neural correlates of passionate engagement in football fans
Abstract The tribal character of the affective link between football fans and their teams is a well-recognized phenomenon. Other forms of love such as romantic or maternal attachment have previouslyExpand
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Unbalanced resting-state networks activity in psychophysiological insomnia
Psychophysiological insomnia (PI) is a clinical condition characterized by sleep-related disturbing cognitive activity and biased self-related information processing. This hypothetical cognitiveExpand
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The dual facet of gamma oscillations: Separate visual and decision making circuits as revealed by simultaneous EEG/fMRI
It remains an outstanding question whether gamma‐band oscillations reflect unitary cognitive processes within the same task. EEG/MEG studies do lack the resolution or coverage to address the highlyExpand
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Visual motion imagery neurofeedback based on the hMT+/V5 complex: evidence for a feedback-specific neural circuit involving neocortical and cerebellar regions.
OBJECTIVE Current approaches in neurofeedback/brain-computer interface research often focus on identifying, on a subject-by-subject basis, the neural regions that are best suited for self-drivenExpand
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Invasive Ductal Carcinoma of the Breast in a Complex Cyst
A 32-year-old Caucasian female patient with irrelevant personal and familiar pathologic history was referred to our department for a mammographic evaluation, complaining of a palpable lump in herExpand
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Transcranial Magnetic Stimulation as an Intervention Tool to Recover from Language, Swallowing and Attentional Deficits after Stroke: A Systematic Review
Background: Following a stroke event, patients often are severely affected by disabilities that hinder their quality-of-life. There are currently several rehabilitative options and strategies, and itExpand
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