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TLDR: Extreme Summarization of Scientific Documents
We introduce SCITLDR, a new multi-target dataset of 5.4K TLDRs over 3.2K papers. Expand
Why Swear? Analyzing and Inferring the Intentions of Vulgar Expressions
We introduce a novel data set of 7,800 tweets from users with known demographic traits where all instances of vulgar words are annotated with one of the six categories of vulgar word use. Expand
Expressively vulgar: The socio-dynamics of vulgarity and its effects on sentiment analysis in social media
Vulgarity is a common linguistic expression and is used to perform several linguistic functions. Expand
Citation Text Generation
We introduce the task of citation text generation: given a pair of scientific documents, explain their relationship in natural language text in the manner of a citation from one text to the other. Expand
Improving the Accessibility of Scientific Documents: Current State, User Needs, and a System Solution to Enhance Scientific PDF Accessibility for Blind and Low Vision Users
The majority of scientific papers are distributed in PDF, which pose challenges for accessibility, especially for blind and low vision (BLV) readers. We characterize the scope of this problem byExpand
Faithful and Plausible Explanations of Medical Code Predictions
We propose to train a proxy model that mimics the behavior of the trained model and provides fine-grained control over these trade-offs. Expand