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Susceptibility to stress plays a crucial role in the development of psychiatric disorders such as unipolar depression and post-traumatic stress disorder. In the present study the chronic mild stress rat model of depression was used to reveal stress-susceptible and stress-resilient rats. Large-scale proteomics was used to map hippocampal protein alterations(More)
Patients with severe action tremor have uncontrollable, relatively rapid oscillatory motion super-imposed on otherwise useable slower voluntary motor activity. Because a mechanical damper produces an opposing force proportional to velocity, applying damping loads to tremorous limbs should attenuate the (high-velocity) tremor component of movement while(More)
Conventional neurological practice is generally not successful in restoring independent upper extremity function to people with disabiling tremors. The authors have been investigating an orthotic approach, the application of energy-dissipating loads to affected limbs, to allow voluntary intent to be expressed while attenuating tremor. CEDO 1 is a prototype(More)
BACKGROUND We aimed to determine the circulating miRNA expression profile associated with BAV and aortic dilation to provide diagnostic and prognostic biomarkers for BAV and/or aortic dilation. METHODS AND RESULTS We applied a miRNome-wide microarray approach using plasma samples (n = 24) from healthy tricuspid aortic valve individuals, BAV patients and(More)
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