Isabel Araújo

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Variation in human skin and eye color is substantial and especially apparent in admixed populations, yet the underlying genetic architecture is poorly understood because most genome-wide studies are based on individuals of European ancestry. We study pigmentary variation in 699 individuals from Cape Verde, where extensive West African/European admixture has(More)
Recently admixed populations offer unique opportunities for studying human history and for elucidating the genetic basis of complex traits that differ in prevalence between human populations. Historical records, classical protein markers, and preliminary genetic data indicate that the Cape Verde islands in West Africa are highly admixed and primarily(More)
In order to be robust and achieve multi-domain coverage, exercise generation systems usually work with answers of simple types (e.g. multiple-choice, Boolean, integer, or file comparison). In this paper we describe an exercise generation system Passarola, a simple, yet powerful, language that anyone with no computer science background, can use to develop(More)
Given a concrete scenario, there is frequently a huge quantity and variety of exercises that we can write about it. In this article, we present an algorithm which allows us to automate this process. To generate mathematical exercises, we start from the relations between the variables present in the scenario, we calculate the possible exercises, we analise(More)
In this paper we concentrate on the field of mathematics education where the aim is to generate exercises going beyond those with answers of simple types (e.g. multiple-choice, Boolean, integer, or file comparison). We present three examples from introductory college mathematics and emphasize the key points that should be taken into account in order to(More)
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