Isaak Kornelsen

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Deep tissue injury (DTI) is a severe form of pressure ulcer that originates at the bone-muscle interface. It results from mechanical damage and ischemic injury due to unrelieved pressure. Currently, there are no established clinical methods to detect the formation of DTI. Moreover, despite the many recommended methods for preventing pressure ulcers, none so(More)
A pressure ulcer is a medical complication that arises in persons with decreased mobility and/or sensation. Deep pressure ulcers starting at the bone-muscle interface are the most dangerous, as they can cause extensive damage before showing any signs at the skin surface. We previously proposed a novel intervention called intermittent electrical stimulation(More)
Selina Gyawali, Leandro Solis, Su Ling Chong, Cara Curtis, Peter Seres, Isaak Kornelsen, Richard Thompson, and Vivian K. Mushahwar Centre for Neuroscience, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry; Rehabilitation Sciences Program, Faculty of Rehabilitation Medicine; Department of Cell Biology, Faculty of Medicine and Dentistry; and Peter S. Allen MR Research(More)
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