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PURPOSE To determine whether sleeping at a 20-degree head-up position decreases nocturnal intraocular pressure (IOP) compared with lying supine (flat) in patients with and without glaucoma. DESIGN Prospective, nonrandomized comparative case series. MATERIALS AND METHODS Thirty patients were recruited based on self-reported disease status with 15(More)
PURPOSE To report on low-dose minimal injection treatment using botulinum toxin A for pseudoptosis secondary to aberrant facial nerve regeneration. METHODS A retrospective chart review was carried out on 16 consecutive patients with pseudoptosis secondary to aberrant facial nerve regeneration who received botulinum toxin A injections. RESULTS Study(More)
An 80-year-old male presented with painless blurred vision from the right eye following endoscopic biopsy of a right maxillary sinus mass with the otolaryngology service. The patient admitted to progressive right-sided proptosis over the past few weeks. Past medical history was significant for acinic cell adenocarcinoma of buccal space origin with resection(More)
An isolated fracture of the proximal fibular shaft without associated tibial or ankle injury and without resulting from direct violence is extremely rare. This report presents a case of an unusual isolated proximal fibular fracture (stress-fracture) in a female tennis-player with Marfan-syndrome. The literature is reviewed and diagnosis, treatment and(More)
While hemiendoprothesis has been established in the treatment of hip fractures of aged people because of less operative trauma, better effectiveness and satisfying functionality, surgical management of trochanteric fractures is still in discussion. In our study, we found no severe difference of living conditions or mortality after operating elderly patients(More)
A 31-year-old African-American woman with a medical history of well-controlled hypertension sought treatment for recurrent, monthly, unilateral orbital and subconjunctival hemorrhage for 1 year. The episodes were cyclical and coincided with the timing of her menstrual cycle. Examination findings included right periorbital fullness and subconjunctival(More)
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