Isaac Paquette

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BACKGROUND In the 1940s and 1950s, prefrontal lobotomy was widely used to treat aggressive, disruptive and psychotic behavior in schizophrenics. Subsequent observations have confirmed its ineffectiveness in schizophrenia. Few studies have addressed its long-term consequences. METHODS We conducted tests of frontal function, behavior (Frontal Behavioral(More)
Menu Controller was developed to make existing software more accessible for people with severe motor impairments, especially individuals who use mouse-replacement input systems. Windows applications have menus that are difficult to access by users with limited muscle control, due to the size and placement of the menu entries. The goal of Menu Controller is(More)
The study of psychiatric manifestations in dementia has long been overshadowed by the more classical manifestations of the disease, such as memory loss and other cognitive deficits. In recent years, however, psychiatric symptoms as part of the demential process have attracted interest and research has become more specific. Clinicians are faced with(More)
The graphical user interfaces of popular software are often inaccessible to people with severe motion impairments, who cannot use the traditional keyboard and mouse, and require an alternative input device. Reaching for buttons and selecting menu items, in particular, can be difficult for nonverbal individuals with quadriplegia, who control the mousepointer(More)
Camera-based mouse-replacement systems allow people with motor impairments to control the mouse pointer with head movements if they are unable to use their hands. To address the difficulties of accidental clicking and usable simulation of a real computer mouse, we developed Click Control, a tool to augment the functionality of these systems. When a user(More)
De novo mania is defined as the occurrence of a first manic episode in a patient with no history of mood disorder, after exclusion of organic etiologies. Although it is believed to be rare in elderly populations, the authors nonetheless report 6 cases encountered over a 2-year period. The literature regarding mania among elderly people is reviewed, and the(More)
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