Isaac Olusegun Osunmakinde

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This research examines whether the integration of facial and fingerprint biometrics can improve the performance in financial infrastructure security such as ATM protection. Fingerprint biometrics consider distorted and misaligned fingerprints caused by environmental noise such as oil, wrinkles, dry skin, dirt and displacement of the query fingerprint with(More)
The wide adoption of underground mining has contributed immensely to the rapid growth of the countries' economy, job creation, gross domestic product, fixed capital formation, gross investment and merchandise exports on an enormous global scale. At the same time, the tedious and dangerous nature of underground mining makes it vulnerable to mine accidents(More)
Dynamic Bayesian networks (DBNs) are temporal probabilistic models for reasoning over time which are rapidly gaining popularity in modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) for planning. A number of Hidden Markov Model (HMM) representations of dynamic Bayesian networks with different characteristics have been developed. However, the varieties of DBNs have(More)
Anomaly detection in telecommunications data tries to discover deviant behaviour of individual subscribers, including for example: detection of inconsistencies in call data, such as customer churn or attrition, potential fraud, deliberate or unintended expensive mistakes in call data, and so on. These have consequently led to unquantifiable loss of revenue(More)
Many cloud-based e-commerce stores aim to attract and retain customers in order to be competitive. However, they are all faced with a challenge regarding gaining and maintaining consumer trust in a volatile cloud-based e-commerce environment where risks pertaining to information security, privacy of information and inadequate monitoring of compliance to(More)
—Robot navigation depends on accurate scene analysis by a camera using its data. This paper investigates a refinement of the inherent falsified depth maps generated from a 3D SwissRanger camera in the emission of beams of rays through a modulated infrared light channel affected by environmental noise. The SR4000 time-of-flight camera produces streams of(More)
The mining industry is constantly faced with the dual needs for safety and improved productivity. It is widely recognized that robots can play a significant role in pre-disaster (pre-emption) and post-disaster (recovery) mine rescue operations. This would inevitably enhance productivity and greatly reduce human exposure to dangerous underground mine(More)
With Asynchronous Transfer Mode (ATM) gaining momentum, it is very important that ATM associated or related problems such as node-node failures should be resolved in order to have maximum utilization of ATM resources with minimal failure rate. Much research has been conducted on a single failure of telecommunication networks, but not enough work has been(More)