Isaac Olusegun Osunmakinde

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— This research examines whether the integration of facial and fingerprint biometrics can improve the performance in financial infrastructure security such as ATM protection. Fingerprint biometrics consider distorted and misaligned fingerprints caused by environmental noise such as oil, wrinkles, dry skin, dirt and displacement of the query fingerprint with(More)
The wide adoption of underground mining has contributed immensely to the rapid growth of the countries' economy, job creation, gross domestic product, fixed capital formation, gross investment and merchandise exports on an enormous global scale. At the same time, the tedious and dangerous nature of underground mining makes it vulnerable to mine accidents(More)
Dynamic Bayesian networks (DBNs) are temporal probabilistic models for reasoning over time which are rapidly gaining popularity in modern Artificial Intelligence (AI) for planning. A number of Hidden Markov Model (HMM) representations of dynamic Bayesian networks with different characteristics have been developed. However, the varieties of DBNs have(More)
Anomaly detection in telecommunications data tries to discover deviant behaviour of individual subscribers, including for example: detection of inconsistencies in call data, such as customer churn or attrition, potential fraud, deliberate or unintended expensive mistakes in call data, and so on. These have consequently led to unquantifiable loss of revenue(More)
Retail enterprises are organizations that sell goods in small quantities to consumers for personal consumption. In distributed retail enterprises, data is administered per branch. It is important for retail enterprises to make use of data generated within the organization to determine consumer patterns and behaviors. Large organizations find it difficult to(More)
Development of cooperative behaviour for multi-robots system (MRS) is an important aspect of robotic task achievement. This is because it is safer to use more than one robot to achieve a task for continuity measurement of task completion and it is also quicker to complete a task on time with two or more robots as against one robot. Continuity measurement(More)