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Midway through the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge, MIT's autonomous Land Rover LR3 'Talos' and Team Cornell's autonomous Chevrolet Tahoe 'Skynet' collided in a low-speed accident, one of the first well-documented collisions between two full-size autonomous vehicles. This collaborative study between MIT and Cor-nell examines the root causes of the collision,(More)
Team Cornell's Skynet is an autonomous Chevrolet Tahoe built to compete in the 2007 DARPA Urban Challenge. Skynet consists of many unique subsystems, including actua-tion and power distribution designed in-house, a tightly coupled attitude and position es-timator, a novel obstacle detection and tracking system, a system for augmenting position estimates(More)
— This study presents the PosteriorPose algorithm, a Bayesian particle filtering approach for augmenting GPS and inertial navigation solutions with vision-based measurements of nearby lanes and stoplines referenced against a known map of environmental features. These relative measurements are shown to improve the quality of the navigation solution when GPS(More)