Isaac Maddow-Zimet

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n In 2010, an estimated 653,000 menstrual regulation (MR) procedures were performed in Bangladesh. In addition, there were 647,000 induced abortions, the large majority unsafe. n About 12% of MR clients—or 78,000 women—were treated for complications, a rate many times higher than expected if manual vacuum aspiration procedures are done under hygienic(More)
CONTEXT Bangladesh is unique in including menstrual regulation (MR) services as part of the government family planning program, despite having a highly restrictive abortion law. The only national estimates of MR and abortion incidence are from a 1995 study, and updated information is needed to inform policies and programs regarding the provision of MR and(More)
CONTEXT Although Colombia partially liberalized its abortion law in 2006, many abortions continue to occur outside the law and result in complications. Assessing the costs to the health care system of safe, legal abortions and of treating complications of unsafe, illegal abortions has important policy implications. METHODS The Post-Abortion Care Costing(More)
UNLABELLED With changing conditions affecting receipt of postabortion care, an updated estimate of the incidence of treatment for complications from unsafe pregnancy termination is needed to inform policies and programmes. National estimates of facility-based treatment for complications in 26 countries form the basis for estimating treatment rates in the(More)
PURPOSE This study examined whether formal sex education is associated with sexual health behaviors and outcomes using recent nationally representative survey data. METHODS Data used were from 4,691 male and female individuals aged 15-24 years from the 2006-2008 National Survey of Family Growth. Weighted bivariate and multivariate analyses were conducted(More)
PURPOSE Updated estimates of adolescents' receipt of sex education are needed to monitor changing access to information. METHODS Using nationally representative data from the 2006-2010 and 2011-2013 National Survey of Family Growth, we estimated changes over time in adolescents' receipt of sex education from formal sources and from parents and(More)
Better understanding of the impact of unintended childbearing on infant and early childhood health is needed for public health practice and policy. Data from the 2004–2008 Oklahoma Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System survey and The Oklahoma Toddler Survey 2006–2010 were used to examine associations between a four category measure of pregnancy(More)
Maternal mortality has declined considerably in Bangladesh over the past few decades. Some of that decline--though precisely how much cannot be quantified--is likely attributable to the country's menstrual regulation program,which allows women to establish nonpregnancy safely after a missed period and thus avoid recourse to unsafe abortion. Key Points. (1)(More)
CONTEXT In addition to having associations with health outcomes, pregnancy intentions may be associated with social outcomes, including marital transitions. METHODS Linked data from the 2004-2008 Oklahoma Pregnancy Risk Assessment Monitoring System and The Oklahoma Toddler Survey for 2006-2010 on 3,617 women who were married and 2,123 who were unmarried(More)
■ ■ Policy and programmatic actions are needed to increase availability of and access to MR and treatment for postabortion complications. Strategies include increasing training for providers and disseminating information about the MR program at the community level. In addition, provision of contraceptive counseling and methods for postabortion care and MR(More)