Isaac Kunen

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The integration of the .NET Common Language Runtime (CLR) into the SQL Server DBMS enables rich business logic written in modern .NET languages to run close to the data. Database application developers can write business logic as functions, stored procedures, and triggers. They can also extend the native capabilities of the DBMS by adding new scalar data(More)
This work repeats the work done in [1] and reaffirms the results. In addition we show several new results. Although one individual dominates, this individual has changed over time. The reason for this appears to result from the study itself, which may be due to quantum mechanical effects [. Also, by recording gender data we were able to correlate this phone(More)
In the recent years, Privacy preserving techniques have been actively studied in the time-series data in various fields like financial, medical, and weather analysis. We are focusing towards preserving the data through Anonymity and Generalization technique. We first investigate, what's the privacy to be incorporated at the time-series data and after(More)
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