Isaac J. González

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In several studies reporting cell death (CD) in lower eukaryotes and in the human protozoan parasite Leishmania, proteolytic activity was revealed using pan-caspase substrates or inhibitors such as carbobenzoxy-valyl-alanyl-aspartyl-[O-methyl]-fluoromethylketone (Z-VAD-FMK). However, most of the lower eukaryotes do not encode caspase(s) but MCA, which(More)
This paper presents a phonetic conversion system with phonological knowledge for Galician. The system allows us to evaluate several phonological processes , like syllabification or phonological derivation, as well as to transcript lexicons with phonetic annotation of different linguistic varieties automatically. The system consists of the following modules:(More)
Metacaspases (MCAs) are cysteine peptidases expressed in plants, fungi and protozoa, with a caspase-like histidine-cysteine catalytic dyad, but differing from caspases, for example, in their substrate specificity. The role of MCAs is subject to debate: roles in cell cycle control, in cell death or even in cell survival have been suggested. In this study,(More)
Automatic phonetic transcription tools usually perform pho-netic transcriptions directly from orthographic representations. Although these approaches often achieve good results, theoretical studies suggest that including morphophonological knowledge allows those systems to improve their performance. Following this idea, we developed a tool which first(More)
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