Isaac Hietanen

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From the combined data of 1990 and 1991 of the DELPHI experiment at LEP, 13057 4-jet events are obtained and used for determining the contribution of the triple-gluon vertex. The relevant variables are the generalized Nachtmann Reiter angle 0* R and the opening angle of the two least energetic jets. A fit to their twodimensional distribution yields(More)
Symmetry breaking has been recently observed in the endofullerenes M@C60 (M = H2, HF, H2O), manifesting in the splittings of the three-fold degenerate ground states of the endohedral ortho-H2, ortho-H2O and the j = 1 level of HF. The nature of the interaction causing the symmetry breaking is established in this study. A fragment of the solid C60 is(More)
A study of the fragmentation properties of charm and bot tom quarks into D mesons is presented. From 263 700 Z ~ hadronic decays collected in 1991 with the DELPHI detector at the LEP collider, D ~ D + and D *+ are reconstructed in the modes K n + K n + n + and DOn + followed by D ~ + , respectively. The fractional decay widths F ( Z ~ are determined, and(More)
Distributions of event shape variables obtained from 120600 hadronic Z decays measured with the DELPHI detector are compared to the predictions of QCD based event generators. Values of the strong coupling constant c~ s are derived as a function of the renormalization scale from a quantitative analysis of eight hadronic distributions. The final result, c%(More)
A new measurement of ~ is obtained from the distributions in thrust, heavy jet mass, energy-energy correlation and two recently introduced jet broadening variables following a method proposed by Catani, Trentadue, Turnock and Webber. This method includes the full calculation of ~y(~2) terms and leading and next-toleading logarithms resummed to all orders of(More)
Silicon strip detectors with double-sided readout have been designed and processed on 100-mm silicon wafers. Detectors with integrated coupling capacitors and polysilicon bias resistors were tested by static electrical measurements. A detector with VLSI readout electronics was measured in a test beam. Test beam measurements show signal over noise ratios of(More)
The differential cross section for final state radiation from primary quarks is obtained from a study of isolated energetic photons produced in the reaction e + e ~ Z ~ ~ h a d r o n s + 7 , as measured in the D E L P H I detector at the CERN LEP collider. When combined with the measurement of the total hadronic width of the Z ~ the observed rate determines(More)
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