Isaac Harary

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In an effort to understand the mechanism of action of parathyroid hormone (PTH) on the myocardium, we examined the effect of PTH on the function of isolated heart mitochondria. The hormone inhibited mitochondrial respiration in the presence of malate or beta-hydroxybutyrate but not succinate as substrates. It also inhibited phosphorylation and uncoupled(More)
Myocardiopathy is common in uremia, but its cause in unknown. Excessive entry of calcium in heart cells by catecholamines has been shown to cause necrosis of myocardium. The high blood levels of parathyroid hormone (PTH) in uremia may also enhance entry of calcium into heart cells and exert deleterious effects on the heart. We examined the effect of PTH on(More)
The ability of certain bacterial species to oxidize nicotinic acid was first reported by Allison (1) who used suspensions of bacteria isolated by Dubos and Miller (2). Koser and Baird (3) later isolated strains of Pseudomonas jluorescens which grew on a synthetic medium in which nicotinic acid was the sole carbon source. These strains did not attack(More)
A study has been made of the effects of lead on developing muscle using a cell culture system. When the L6 clonal cell line was treated with lead acetate in culture during the first or second day after plating (but not at later times) fusion of cells to form skeletal muscle straps was inhibited. This inhibition was not due to a general toxic effect of lead(More)
WHAT IS KNOWN AND OBJECTIVE Carvedilol is the standard of care for heart failure (HF) patients. Carvedilol is partially metabolized by the highly polymorphic enzyme, CYP2D6. To reach an effective dose while avoiding adverse drug reactions (ADRs), testing of CYP2D6 genotype prior to carvedilol initiation may be considered. The objectives of this study were(More)
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