Isaac Griffith

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—Technical debt has recently become a major concern in the software industry. While it has been shown that technical debt has an adverse effect on the quality of a software system, there has been little work to explore this relationship. Further, with the growing number of approaches to estimate the technical debt principal of a software system, there is a(More)
Technical debt has been the subject of numerous studies over the last few years. To date, most of the research has concentrated on management (detection, quantification, and decision making) approaches ?most performed at code and implementation levels through various static analysis tools. However, if practitioners are to adopt model driven techniques, then(More)
Technical debt is a well understood yet understudied phenomena. A current issue is the verification and validation of proposed methods for technical debt management in the context of agile development. In practice, such evaluations are either too costly or too time consuming to be conducted using traditional empirical methods. In this paper, we describe a(More)
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