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The expression of gamma and epsilon subunits of the acetylcholine receptor from mammalian skeletal muscle is regulated independently during myogenic differentiation and innervation. Genomic DNA fragments containing 5'-flanking sequences of the epsilon-subunit and gamma-subunit genes were characterised by a series of 5' deletions fused to the(More)
We have isolated and analysed the 5' flanking region of the rat acetylcholine receptor (AChR) beta subunit gene and determined regulatory elements that confer muscle specificity. Deletion mapping revealed a minimal TATA-box-less promoter region containing an initiator motif. An 85-bp fragment has been shown to promote high muscle-specific expression of a(More)
Five different subunits, alpha, beta, gamma, delta and epsilon, constitute the acetylcholine receptors from mammalian skeletal muscle. Their corresponding mRNA levels are regulated differentially. In particular, mRNAs encoding the gamma- and epsilon-subunits, which specify two AChR isoforms, show a reciprocal behaviour during synapse formation and(More)
It is widely believed that protein folding is a hierarchical process proceeding from secondary structure via subdomains and domains towards the complete tertiary structure. Accordingly, protein subdomains should behave as independent folding units. However, this prediction would underestimate the well-established structural significance of tertiary context(More)
Repetitive behaviors are diagnostic for autism spectrum disorders, common in related neurodevelopmental disorders, and normative in typical development. In order to identify factors that mediate repetitive behavior development, it is necessary to characterize the expression of these behaviors from an early age. Extending previous findings, we characterized(More)
The coupled effects of world population growth along with climate change drive agricultural production, which manifests as tangible landscape alterations. Deforestation is one such land cover modification that influences the components of the hydrologic cycle. We investigated the effects of agricultural land expansion, resulting in deforestation, on the(More)
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