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A working single system image distributed operating system is presented. Dubbed Kerrighed, it provides a unified approach and support to both the MPI and the shared memory programming models. The system is operational in a 16-processor cluster at the Institut de Recherche en Informatique et Systemes Aleatoires in Rennes, France. In this paper, the system is(More)
We investigate the use of runtime measurements to improve job scheduling on a parallel machine. Emphasis is on gang scheduling based strategies. With the information gathered at runtime, we deene a task classiication scheme based on fuzzy logic and Bayesian estimators. The resulting local task classiication is used to provide better service to I/O bound and(More)
Building simulators that are simultaneously general purpose, modular, extensible, distributed and portable is a key challenge in system simulation. This paper describes one such implementation in the form of a general purpose discrete event-driven simulator. Our implementation is truly general purpose allowing it to execute not only diverse algorithms in(More)
This paper provides a framework for dynamic adaptive computing in heterogeneous clusters for computationally intensive applications. The framework considers a set of discoverable interconnected computational resources and either a parallel or sequential workload needing to be executed. An adaptive inclusion/exclusion algorithm is used to select the(More)
In this paper, We consider the problem of sorting n2 numbers, initially distributed randomly in an n × n mesh-connected processor array with one element per processor. We show a lower bound, based on distance arguments, of 4n routing steps on mesh-connected processors operating in an SIMD mode with no wraparounds in rows or columns, We present an(More)
Least Common Ancestor Networks (LCANs) are introduced and shown to be a class of networks that include fat-trees, baseline networks, SW-banyans and the router networks of the TRAC 1.1 and 2.0, and the CM-5. Some LCAN properties are stated and the permutation routing capabilities of an important subclass are analyzed. Simulation results for three permutation(More)