Isaac Cho

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Displays supporting stereoscopy and head-coupled motion parallax can enhance human perception of complex 3D datasets. This has been studied extensively for datasets containing 3D surfaces and 3D networks but less for so volumetric data. Volumetric data is characterized by a heavy presence of transparency, occlusion and highly ambiguous spatial structure.(More)
Figure 1: DemographicVis interface: A) Parallel Sets with word cloud view that connects demographic groups to user generated content, B) user cluster view that groups users based on topic interests, C) feature ranking view that presents the predicative power of various features, D) posts view showing details on demand. ABSTRACT The widespread of social(More)
Learning and gaining knowledge of Roman history is an area of interest for students and citizens at large. This is an example of a subject with great sweep (with many interrelated sub-topics over, in this case, a 3,000 year history) that is hard to grasp by any individual and, in its full detail, is not available as a coherent story. In this paper, we(More)
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We evaluate three bimanual 7 degree-of-freedom (7DOF) object manipulation techniques that use a pair of precision grasped isotonic devices called buttonballs. 7DOF manipulation means changing position, orientation and scale. We compare the techniques in a (stereo) Fish-tank Virtual Reality (VR) system. The user study displays multiple randomly located boxes(More)
This paper presents the concept, working prototype and design space of a two-handed, hybrid spatial user interface for minimally immersive desktop VR targeted at multi-dimensional visualizations. The user interface supports dual button balls (6DOF isotonic controllers with multiple buttons) which automatically switch between 6DOF mode (xyz + yaw,pitch,roll)(More)
Dynamic view parameter adjustment can reduce visual fatigue issues in stereo displays. In a multi-scale virtual environment, which has geometric details ranging over several orders of magnitude, these adjustments are particularly important. We evaluate how two adjustment techniques interact with 7 degree-of-freedom navigation in desktop VR and a CAVE. The(More)
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