Isaac Beltran

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During the period 1998–2000, municipal officials in Bogotá implemented a new transportation system for the city. Transmilenio became the first major mass transportation system in the world to use only buses. The authors examine here the process that led to the design decision to power all of the buses with diesel fuel. The main finding is that the various(More)
INTRODUCTION To date, epidemiological studies on multiple sclerosis in Spain have been basically prevalence studies, and the data on incidence recorded have been the result of different methodologies, with no definition of the criteria for inclusion. OBJECTIVE To carry out a study of incidence with prospective collection/review of cases over a prolonged(More)
INTRODUCTION Multiple sclerosis (MS) is a disease of controversial epidemiology, which has frequently been studied. The results of an epidemiological descriptive study in the Alcoi area led to a first case-control study to give information about the factors associated with the illness in this area. It was seen from this that migration, contact with dogs and(More)
INTRODUCTION Multiple sclerosis (EM) is a neurological disorder of great epidemiological interest. Considerable variations have been described regarding the initial description of geographical distribution. In the Alcoi health district an epidemiological study showed more cases than would be expected from the latitude. Objective. To care out an analytical(More)
INTRODUCTION Atherosclerosis affects the vascular system in a diffuse way and its is clearly implicated in some of the most prevalent diseases in western countries such as cerebrovascular and cardiovascular diseases. Knowing more about the underlying pathogenic mechanisms may contribute to a better understanding of this entities and the development of(More)
INTRODUCTION The epidemiological studies done in Spain in recent years show higher figures for the prevalence of multiple sclerosis than before. Spain is therefore now in the area with a high risk of contracting the disease. OBJECTIVE We have made a new study to confirm the current prevalence of the disorder in the Alcoi Health District. PATIENTS AND(More)
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