Isaac Barjis

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In this paper, we present discrete-event simulation modeling of biological process. Carbohydrate metabolism, which plays an important role in the regulation of the glucose concentration in the blood, is modeled using Petri nets. In particular, we study application of Petri nets to model the processes of carbohydrate catabolism in a compact notation. The(More)
PHYS The many electron interactions in metals, semiconductors and graphene. The influence of many-particle interactions on the electric and magnetic properties of two-dimensional and three dimensional electron systems Stability Analysis of bird-flu propagation Maraika Jean-Noel Nasreen Haque BIO Microbial diversity in the Gowanus Canal Fejzije Bala Nasreen(More)
We have generated 362 bp and 547 bp partial sequences for Rana pipiens ephrin-A2 and ephrin-A5 mRNA, respectively. Translation homologies for the comparable segments of cDNA of chicken, mouse and human are 90.8, 86.9 and 84.4% for the ephrin-A2 sequence and 85.7, 85.0 and 85.0% for the ephrin-A5 sequence. Digoxigenin-labeled riboprobes were prepared and(More)
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