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In dental medicine, the study of mandibular movement has an important role in oral rehabilitation as it allows diagnosis of pathologies in the temporomandibular joint and the definition of adequate treatment plans. In this paper, a new device specially developed for the acquisition and analysis of 3D mandibular movement is presented. A facial arc is adopted(More)
The medical sector, similarly to other industries such as the aviation industry, has to comply with multiple regulations, guidelines and standards. In addition, there are multiple definitions for the expression 'medical device', and before entering the market, manufacturers must demonstrate their product's safety and effectiveness. In such a complex and(More)
Medical devices are peculiar products: their definition varies from country to country, they are used to treat diseases and they are different from pharmaceuticals. In 2012, the authors began to describe the complex and demanding environment of the medical device industry. In this article, the authors' previous research is extended with additional(More)
Models are abstract representations of reality that are built, analyzed and manipulated to augment the understanding of that reality. They can either be mental or codified but, in both cases, they contribute to good decision-making by ensuring that the right people use the right information at the right time. In order to reduce time to market, companies(More)
Product development refers to the transformation process of an idea into a product or service. It can be applied to any sector, but special attention must be given to each industry particularities. In the case of medical devices, the development process should consider the multiple definitions of the term 'medical device', a vast regulatory framework as(More)
During product development, ideas are narrowed down to a single one by the designers in order to satisfy the customers' needs. This process is called concept selection and is crucial to the development of new products because, from this point onward, the design team is committed to a concept whose modification implies delays and additional costs. Decisions(More)
Abdominal aortic aneurysms are indolent but deadly. Among the current treatments is endovascular aneurysm repair, a minimally invasive procedure that resorts to a stent-graft to shield the aortic wall from blood pressure. Although this procedure allowed more patients to be treated and offers several other advantages, complications still occur and there is a(More)
Abdominal aortic aneurysms (AAA or triple A's) are indolent and deadly diseases. Their treatment options involve either an invasive procedure or a minimally invasive one. When the minimally invasive procedure, endovascular aneurysm repair (EVAR), was introduced, it revolutionized the treatment of AAA's due to advantages such as shortened hospital stays and(More)