Isa Beatriz Noll

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Methanococcus voltae harbors genetic information for two pairs of homologous [NiFe]-hydrogenases. Two of the enzymes contain selenocysteine, while the other two gene groups encode apparent isoenzymes that carry cysteinyl residues in the homologous positions. The genes coding for the selenium-free enzymes, frc and vhc, are expressed only under selenium(More)
A part of apples destined to juice production is generally of poor quality. Apples from cold storage or recently harvest (ground harvested or low quality apples) are stored under ambient conditions until they are processed. Since Penicillium expansum and P. griseofulvum are the principal fungal species isolated from stored apples in Brazil, the objective of(More)
The southern state of Brazil is responsible for 90 % of the wine produced in the country; however, the mycobiota and the occurrence of ochratoxin A (OTA) on wine grapes produced in this region has never been fully characterized. To evaluate the fungal and OTA contamination in wine grapes of two varieties cultivated in southern Brazil, a survey was conducted(More)
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