Isaías Rolando

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Brucellosis is a zoonosis which in humans is caused by one of four species of the Brucella genus: B. melitensis, B. abortus, B. suis and B. canis. B. abortus is the species prevalent in North America and Europe and B. melitensis in most developing countries. Differences in disease manifestations may be accounted for either by differences in the species or(More)
BACKGROUND Brucellosis has unusual clinical manifestations. Ocular involvement caused by brucellosis remains poorly recognized in areas in which brucellosis is endemic. METHODS A prospective study was performed to evaluate patients attending the Instituto de Medicina Tropical "Alexander von Humboldt" and the Hospital Nacional Cayetano Heredia (Lima, Peru)(More)
BACKGROUND Ocular brucellosis is usually diagnosed by clinical criteria and serological tests. Little is known with regard to the ocular immunology of brucellosis and the use of intraocular diagnostic tests. We report retrospectively the laboratory findings of patients with ocular involvement associated with brucellosis. MATERIALS AND METHODS Patients(More)