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Data collaboratives present a new form of cross-sector and public-private partnership to leverage (often corporate) data for addressing a societal challenge. They can be seen as the latest attempt to make data accessible to solve public problems. Although an increasing number of initiatives can be found, there is hardly any analysis of these emerging(More)
Little is known about the factors which influence the success or failure of open data initiatives. Based on the results of a workshop, we provide a list of success factors for open data publication and use (64 in total) and discuss their criticality in a particular setting using a case study (the ENGAGE project). The most critical success factors for open(More)
This panel1 is dedicated to the theme of 'data collaboratives', a novel form of public private partnership to leverage data for addressing societal challenges. The panel brings together prolific researchers and practitioners to share lessons and discuss how value is created from data collaboratives for the solving of public problems. The panel will(More)
Data collaboratives as “bazaars”? A review of coordination problems and mechanisms to match demand for data with supply Iryna Susha Marijn Janssen Stefaan Verhulst Article information: To cite this document: Iryna Susha Marijn Janssen Stefaan Verhulst , (2017)," Data collaboratives as “bazaars”? A review of coordination problems and mechanisms to match(More)
The European Citizens’ Initiative is designed to make European democracy more direct by allowing citizens to propose (including electronically) legal acts to the Commission. The present paper offers a conceptual model for the analysis of this eParticipation case, and other similar e-petitioning practices, which is not biased by political ambition or(More)
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