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We present a complete system architecture for fully automated markerless augmented reality (AR). The system constructs a sparse metric model of the real-world environment , provides interactive means for specifying the pose of a virtual object, and performs model-based camera tracking with visually pleasing augmentation results. Our approach does not(More)
Recent research has proved the beneets of using an ensemble of diverse and accurate base classiiers for classiication problems. In this paper the focus is on producing diverse ensembles with the aid of three feature selection heuristics based on two approaches: correlation and contextual merit-based ones. We have developed an algorithm and experimented with(More)
— The stochastic discrimination (SD) theory considers learning as building models of uniform coverage over data distributions. Despite successful trials of the derived SD method in several application domains, a number of difficulties related to its practical implementation still exist. This paper reports analysis of simple examples as a first step towards(More)