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BACKGROUND Afatinib has demonstrated clinical benefit in patients with non-small-cell lung cancer progressing after treatment with erlotinib/gefitinib. This phase III trial prospectively assessed whether continued irreversible ErbB-family blockade with afatinib plus paclitaxel has superior outcomes versus switching to chemotherapy alone in patients(More)
Arsenic and barium are ubiquitous environmental toxins that accumulate in higher trophic-level organisms. Whereas metazoans have detoxifying organs to cope with toxic metals, sponges lack organs but harbour a symbiotic microbiome performing various functions. Here we examine the potential roles of microorganisms in arsenic and barium cycles in the sponge(More)
Doxorubicin (DOX)/CaCO3 single crystals act as pH responsive drug carrier. A biomimetic approach demonstrates that calcite single crystals are able, during their growth in the presence of doxorubicin, to entrap drug molecules inside their lattice along specific crystallographic directions. Alterations in lattice dimensions and microstructural parameters are(More)
Department of Chemistry, Molecular Design City, NY, 10003, USA. E-mail: shtukenberg@ Department of Physics and Astronomy, High University of Nevada Las Vegas, Nevada 891 Department of Geosciences, Stony Brook Un Curtin Institute for Computation and Dep P.O. Box U1987, Perth, 6845, Western Austr Department of Chemistry, New York Univer Fritz-Haber-Institut(More)
Coumarin, a simple, commodity chemical isolated from beans in 1820, has, to date, only yielded one solid state structure. Here, we report a rich polymorphism of coumarin grown from the melt. Four new metastable forms were identified and their crystal structures were solved using a combination of computational crystal structure prediction algorithms and(More)
Structures of the α and β phases of resorcinol, a major commodity chemical in the pharmaceutical, agrichemical, and polymer industries, were the first polymorphic pair of molecular crystals solved by X-ray analysis. It was recently stated that "no additional phases can be found under atmospheric conditions" (Druzbicki, K. et al. J. Phys. Chem. B 2015, 119,(More)
Calcium carbonate (CaCO3) was synthesized from diverse water-free alcohol solutions, resulting in the formation of vaterite and calcite precipitates, or stable particle suspensions, with the dimensions and morphologies depending upon the conditions used. The obtained results shed light on the importance of solvation during crystallization of CaCO3 and open(More)
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