Iryna M Kolomiets

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Primary, secondary and higher-order structures of downstream elements of mammalian pre-mRNA polyadenylation signals [poly(A) signals] are re viewed. We have carried out a detailed analysis on our database of 244 human pre-mRNA poly(A) signals in order to characterize elements in their downstream regions. We suggest that the downstream region of the(More)
A transcript-specific cleavage by a large set of proteins is the first stage of eukaryotic pre-mRNA polyadenylation. The main participant of this reaction-endonuclease-has not been discovered until now. However, mammalian CPSF-30 and yeast Yth 1p proteins are known to be homologues to Drosophila Clipper (CLP) protein, which possesses endoribonucleolytic(More)
In the HIV-1 retrovirus, identical sequences encompassing the AAUAAA hexamer and the U/GU-rich downstream sequence element (DSE) that compose the core poly(A) site are present at both the 5' and 3' ends of the HIV-1 pre-mRNA. The AAUAAA hexamer is partly occluded by base pairing in the upper part of a semi-stable polyA hairpin. This sets the stage for(More)
Genome of all known retroviruses consists of two identical molecules of RNA, which are non-covalently linked. The most stable contact site between two RNA molecules is located near their 5' ends. The molecular interactions in the dimer linkage structure (DLS) in mature virions are currently unknown. Recently we suggested that the dimer linkage structure in(More)
UV absorption spectra of Hyp, Xan, their nucleosides and methyl derivatives were studied in anhydrous dimethylsuloxide and the changes in these spectra on the interactions with neutral and deprotonated carboxylic groups of amino acids were traced. By the semiempirical quantum-chemical method MNDO/H it was shown, that interaction with carboxylate-ion fixes(More)
UV absorption spectra of guanine derivatives m9Gua, m(2)2,9Gua, m1Gua, m(2)1,7Gua, m3Gua, G, dG, m1G, m2G, m7G, as well as guanine analogue isoGua were studied in anhydrous dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO). Changes in UV absorption spectra of guanine derivatives in the presence of amino acid derivatives with neutral carboxylic group (ac-Asp, ac-Glu, ac-Gly,(More)
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