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CONTEXT Sublingual testosterone is a single-dose treatment often used in studies regarding social, cognitive and sexual behavior. It is hypothesized that an increase in the ratio of free to total testosterone (free fraction) is indirectly, via genomic effects, responsible for the behavioral effects after sublingual testosterone administration. OBJECTIVE(More)
This study replicated Campion and Thayefs (1985) research, which drew from many disciplines (e.g., psychology, engineering, human factors, physiology) to demonstrate four approaches to job design and their corresponding outcomes: motivational approach with satisfaction outcomes, mech-anistic approach with efficiency outcomes, biological approach with(More)
Introduction. Over the past 20 years our knowledge of premature ejaculation (PE) has significantly advanced. Specifically, we have witnessed substantial progress in understanding the physiology of ejaculation, clarifying the real prevalence of PE in population-based studies, reconceptualizing the definition and diagnostic criterion of the disorder,(More)
OBJECTIVE This study evaluated the efficacy and safety of vardenafil treatment for erectile dysfunction (ED) in men with diabetes. RESEARCH DESIGN AND METHODS In this prospective multicenter double-blind placebo-controlled fixed-dose parallel-group phase III trial, 452 patients with diabetes (type 1 or type 2) and ED were randomized to take 10 or 20 mg(More)
BACKGROUND Diabetes is associated with declining sexual function in women. However, the effects of diabetes on genital tissue structure, innervation and function remains poorly characterized. In control and streptozotocin-treated female rats, we investigated the effects of diabetes on vaginal blood flow, tissue morphology, and expression of arginase I,(More)
INTRODUCTION Vaginal atrophy, which may affect up to 45% of postmenopausal women, is often associated with one or more urinary symptoms, including urgency, increased frequency, nocturia, dysuria, incontinence, and recurrent urinary tract infection. AIMS To provide an overview of the current literature regarding cellular and clinical aspects of vaginal(More)
BACKGROUND Tamoxifen, a selective estrogen receptor modulator with both estrogenic and anti-estrogenic activity, is widely used as adjuvant therapy in breast cancer patients. Treatment with tamoxifen is associated with sexual side effects, such as increased vaginal dryness and pain/discomfort during sexual activity. There have been limited investigations of(More)
Dr. Goldstein et al. have published their data on cytosine– adenine–guanine (CAG) trinucleotide repeats on an androgen receptor (AR) gene among a select group of vulvodynia cases and noneffected controls and have argued that their data suggest these women with vulvodynia who had started combined oral contraceptives (COCs) prior to pain onset, and whose pain(More)