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Because of intense collaborative needs, requirements engineering is a challenge in global software development. How do distributed teams manage the development of requirements in environments that require significant cross-site collaboration and coordination? In this paper, we report research that used social network analysis to explore collaboration and(More)
—Research is emerging on how end users can correct mistakes their intelligent agents make, but before users can correctly " debug " an intelligent agent, they need some degree of understanding of how it works. In this paper we consider ways intelligent agents should explain themselves to end users, especially focusing on how the soundness and completeness(More)
Deficiencies in existing primary care for people with epilepsy are well-recognized in the United Kingdom and include a lack of structure and an inability to meet the patients' needs for information and support to cope with their epilepsy. The introduction of clinics set up by nurse specialists within family practice in a few United Kingdom cities has met(More)
What does a user need to know to productively work with an intelligent agent? Intelligent agents and recommender systems are gaining widespread use, potentially creating a need for end users to understand how these systems operate in order to fix their agent's personalized behavior. This paper explores the effects of mental model soundness on such(More)
Assessments have been shown to have positive effects on learning in compulsory educational settings. However, much less is known about their effects in discretionary learning settings, especially in computing education and educational games. We hypothesized that adding assessments to an educational computing game would provide extra opportunities for(More)